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Most popular topics are listed below. You are welcome to ask for a combination of topics. Please inquire about topics which are not listed for your organization’s specific interests and needs. The content of each presentation is adapted to the audience. Every workshop is designed to encourage audience participation through interaction with the instructor, and among the participants themselves, as well as to empower the attendees with plans and tools to take away and put into immediate use.

Why Can’t I Get Organized?

Your space overwhelms you. You tried organizing over and over again. It just doesn’t seem to get anywhere.  This seminar is for people who want to understand the reasons and finally learn the secrets to change it.

  • What does “organized” really mean?
  • Why did it never work before?
  • Three secrets to true organizing
  • How not to get overwhelmed
  • How to choose the correct organizing tools
  • Tips to maintain order

Paper Everywhere! PART I- Paper is NOT a category

Paper is not that scary if you know what to do with it. This workshop is designed to provide simple, practical and efficient ways to deal with any kind of paper. In PART I, we will learn “meaningful sorting”. Bring a small pile of paper with you. Please see PART II.

Paper Everywhere! PART II- Hanging Files are NOT just for hanging!

Prerequisite- Paper Everywhere PART I

You will be asked to bring in a list of things Part I. Bring in the materials and some of your piles of paper. We will be creating a filing system, customized to everyone’s individual needs. You will leave with your newly set-up, practical, functional and easy-to-maintain filing and paper management system.

Organizing Your Computer Files and Your Email

Your computer is basically an electronic FILING CABINET. If you ever sat in front of your computer looking for a document, knowing it was there, this course is designed for you. It will provide you the basic information to get you started on setting up an electronic filing system on your computer. There will be also tips on how to improve your paper management system.

Time Management Strategies

Effective management of time is the main difference between achievers and those who always look busy but never seem to get much done. You will find out what areas you are losing time and how you can take control of your time. You will also discover the methods and tips to have that extra time for the things you really want to do.

  • Methods to delegate successfully
  • Guidelines to plan effectively
  • Techniques to minimize interruptions
  • Tips to schedule efficiently
  • Ways to recognize and avoid time wasters

Defeat Procrastination - Get Things Done

The avoidance of doing a task which needs to be done is one definition of procrastination. Procrastination not only affects a person's work but also involves feelings as guilt, hopelessness and depression. This workshop will teach you 3 simple and powerful techniques that will change the way you do things.

  • What is procrastination
  • Why people procrastinate
  • What is the origin of YOUR procrastination
  • Test- Are you a Perfectionist?
  • Ways to defeat procrastination

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