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FENG SHUI Workshops

Most popular topics are listed below. You are welcome to ask for a combination of topics. Please inquire about topics which are not listed for your organization’s specific interests and needs. The content of each presentation is adapted to the audience. Workshops are designed to encourage audience participation through interaction with the instructor, and among the participants themselves, as well as to empower the attendees with plans and tools to take away and put into immediate use.

 Clear Your Clutter… with Feng Shui

There is a powerful link between depression and disorganization. Clutter makes you depressed. The more depressed you are, the more chaos you create. Then you get more depressed. You decide to do something about it. Then you look at it. It overwhelms you. You don't know where to start. You will learn the secrets of how to use Feng Shui to get and stay motivated. You will be able to apply what you learn easily.

Love the Way You Work…with Feng Shui

If you don’t like the way you work, you might end up not liking what you do. How you feel in your office effects the way you work, the amount and quality of work you produce and the results of your efforts. A calm and welcoming office space starts with a positive flow. Choosing right colors; complimenting furniture and lay-out, arrangement of honoring objects and decorative objects, setting up functional work stations and organizing systems are the key to love the way you work. This workshop will show the correct placement of objects in an office for a good flow in the office, and other key factors of Feng Shui friendly work spaces.

Sell Your Home Faster with Feng Shui

Whether or not you are working with a Real Estate professional, Feng Shui helps bring in more buyers and create that captivating atmosphere which leads them to bid.

Buy Your Home….with Feng Shui

Learn what the areas you need to be aware of while you are shopping for your future home to avoid any difficulties later on.

Love the Way You Love…..with Feng Shui

Whether you are married, or single, or dating, you can make your love life better with Feng Shui. Learn how to use the art of Feng Shui to attract a loving partner into your life, to keep the one you have, and enhance your romantic life. A fun and interactive workshop.

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