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Pick A Room and Feng Shui:

A Step-by-Step Guide along with Customized Consultations and Guidance to Creating a Sacred Space.
Plan to See Your Space with New Eyes, and Create and Environment To Success and Relaxation.

Have you ever found yourself saying any of the following...

"I want to live/work in a Feng Shui-friendly space”
“I am confused about Feng Shui information”
"I am overwhelmed about all the different methods and applications of Feng Shui"
"I don’t know what colors to use”
"I don’t know how to pick Feng Shui objects which bring luck, prosperity and happy relationships”
"I know about Feng Shui and applied it in my house but I don’t know if I did it right!”

YOU ARE HERE with me for a reason!

Feng Shui can become very confusing. Sometimes just placing general rules and enhancements without carefully looking at the space and the inhabitants can bring undesired results.

I designed this course in such a way that while it will give you a great foundational understanding of Feng Shui in general, you will receive completely customized recommendations for your space so that you can achieve your personal goals. Please feel free to e-mail with any specific questions you might have before making a commitment.


Discovery Questionnaire™

Feng Shui analysis of the space you choose

Specific cures and enhancement in alignment with your life goals and your space

A Feng Shui Manual with pictures and easy-to-understand explanations for general Feng Shui applications. (e-copy)

Feng Shui evaluations of the floor plans and location of your home ( if you choose to)

3 months of email support for Q&A and assignment submission and my explanations

1 Skype meeting (35 minutes)

You will need to provide

The pictures of the space you would like to Feng Shui

The answers to the Discovery Questionnaire

Floor plans and videos of your home are optional to submit if you would like to have full-house Feng Shui evolution- this is a brief evaluation of the home, including some cure and enhancement suggestions.

You can choose to have a full-house detailed Feng Shui analysis and evaluations, and then we will not focus on a particular room

  • NO PAGES and PAGES of complicated material to read
  • NO BOOKS lying around, adding to your clutter
  • NO cookie-cutter, makes-no-sense solutions
  • NO confusing class boards, software, technological instructions to figure out
  • NO passwords, logins IDs to save or remember
  • NO extra things to buy
  • NO travelling
  • NO restricted time
  • Pick A Room and Feng Shui Training Content: Custom Designed Training to Teach the Theory and Practice of Feng Shui
  • Course Written By: Figen Genco, Feng Shui Practitioner
  • Course Tutor Figen Genco
  • Category: Professional Training, Guidance, Instructions,
  • Format: Web Based Training: Lecture, Information & Exercises Plus Unit Assignments
  • Delivery: Units Made Available on Completion of Assignments of Previous Module
  • Fee: Inclusive

You are entitled to %50 discounted phone consultations through your course!
Also See: Pick a Room and Organize