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countdown-stocking.gifTime- Saving Shopping Tips for Business Owners-

By Figen Genco, BA.

Do you relax on holidays? It seems, for many people, holidays mean spending vacation time with never-ending obligations and spending money on things they can’t afford. Instead of having a fresh beginning in the New Year, they drag physical, psychological and financial exhaustion form the previous year to the new one.

If you dread the holidays, it’s time to change your way you of doing things. When you rush from one activity to another, it is inevitable to lose interest even in the things you normally enjoy.

Here are some tips that might run your holidays smoother.

  1. Shopping:

Do your serious shopping alone.  Going shopping with someone else doubles the time you spend.

Do your homework; check and compare the prices before you shop.

Learn the sales cycles in your area.

To avoid crowds, do not shop after work, on paydays, or just before holidays.

    • Plan your spending. Avoid impulse buys.
    • Call before you go to confirm item is available.
    • Watch as the clerk rings up your purchases. Check your receipt.
  1. Clearances:
    • Stock necessary items during clearance and sales before you run out of them.
    • Remember to ask for a "rain check" if an item is sold out.
    • Do not purchase items just because they are on sale. Likewise, having coupons or points is not a reason to pay money for things you never use. You can save even more if you don’t buy them!
  1. Returns:
    • Create folders for receipts and information for big purchases in your filing system. Take notes about the website, store, customer service representative, time, date and other vital information on your purchases and keep them together for easy returns.
    • Complain if it is genuinely warranted. Return purchases that do not meet your expectations. Be prepared with all the information you gathered to save time.

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