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Dear Figen,

I will be going into 11th grade this year. I read your last article on “Back to School” hoping to find something for myself. My parents definitely used your suggestions and this school year should start smoother for them. But I still have some troubles on my side. I always have difficulty finding my stuff. Sometimes I forget to bring my homework, or grab the wrong binders and books. Like, I spend so much time looking for my things that I don’t have enough time left to do what I am supposed to do. I feel like I am spending more time running around than actually learning and studying. Is there a way to make my life easier? Could you please help me?

Ter- Neshaminy

Dear Ter,

The running around and getting frustrated caused by lack of organization are common problems for most adults, too. You have made a wonderful decision by searching for help to get organized. The way we do things become habits, and they get harder to correct as we age. Learning and doing things right at the beginning is much easier than to unlearn the wrong behavior.

Here are some tips on how to improve your school and home life:

1. Get a small filing cabinet and set up a filing system in your room.

  1. The school related papers, which you do not need until the end of the year can be put into separate folders for each of your classes.
  2. Receipts and manuals from your purchases can also be stored in this filing cabinet in a different folder.
  3. You can also keep your list of contacts including such as friends, stores, services and school in another folder.

2. Choose your binders carefully.

  1. It is more practical to have a few big binders versus all small three ring binders. The best type of binders has several slots with tabs for loose paper. Use the tabs to identify the subjects.
  2. Use dividers with tabs in the ring section to set the subjects apart.

3. Try organizing tools in your locker. Locker shelves could help you divide your locker. There are also organizers with several pockets to hang on your locker door to store loose-leaf papers or homework assignments for your classes, as well as pens, pencils and other small belongings. These tools can be found at stores such as Wal-Mart, Target or similar stores.

4. When you arrive at school go to your locker and organize your books according to your schedule stacking from bottom to top, top being the first class of the day. This will make it easier to access your belongings during locker breaks and it will avoid confusion.

5. Assign “homes” for everything you own and make it a habit to put things back to their homes after using them. This habit will help you not only in school but also in everyday life.

Good luck and have a successful school year!

Figen Genco, BA.
Organizing/Feng Shui/EFT
215 354 0275

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