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Networking In An Organized Way

by Figen Genco, BA.

For most small businesses, it is vitally important to get known, make contacts that will refer you and generate qualified prospects. If you are attending networking events, but not doing anything afterwards, you are wasting your time. Here are some simple steps to make best use of the networking events:

  • Have your schedule with you to make on-the-spot appointments to avoid wasting time by playing phone tag later on.
  • Keep your business cards in one pocket where you can easily reach.
  • When you are handed a card, if you are planning to contact that person take some reminder notes on their card.
  • Place other people’s cards in another pocket (You can’t believe how many times people handed me the cards that they were just given by someone else)
  • When you go to your office, empty your pockets immediately and place the cards in the small box that is assigned for this purpose.
  • Within a day or two, go through the cards, and make three groups. “Definete’s”, “Maybe’s” and “No’s”. Throw away the No’s.
  • Contact Definete’s right away for whatever reason you are interested in saving their cards.
  • Merge Maybe’s in your tickler system to get back to them before too long.
  • When you have completed reaching them, the contact information should take place in your contact management system according to their categories.
  • If you are not following up, do not waste your time by attending these meetings! Do something else more productive.   

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