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Success Is Within Your Reach

…Are you reaching for it?

Why do some people seem to accomplish so much, while others struggle to make it to the end of the day? Do successful people have a secret access to more time than the others? How do those people manage to have more time to finish all their projects before the deadlines, and still have time left to have fun and enjoy the life?
The difference is in planning, focus, goals and managing skills, which can all be improved.


Planning can be as simple as having a to do list. You can use your calendar, appointment book, palm pilot or whichever other tools you choose to use for your schedules of monthly activities. However; having a daily “to do list” is essential. Every evening when you finish up for the day, prepare a list for tomorrow. Then categorize your list according to the importance of the assignments. You can call the most important ones “MI”, the items of secondary importance “SI” and the least important ones ”LI”. Start your list with the tasks you categorize as MI, and continue with SI and LI items.  Pursue your list the next day starting from the top. Operating with a list will keep you away from distractions and will make it easier to remember your schedule. Having the list in front of you visually will motivate you to do things. Following the order will prevent procrastination on performing the most important tasks and going for the easy ones. Check each item that you have completed.  You might not be able to cover everything in your list, but the ones you have completed will be the most urgent ones. This way you will not waste your time on the little things which can wait. At the end of the day, you will have a concrete proof of what you have accomplished that day, which will make you feel better about yourself, and give you positive energy. At that point, make a new list for the next day, and get rid of the old one.


If you want to be focused, you need to get organized. If stopping in the middle of a project to look for a very necessary piece of information buried under somewhere on your desk is how you operate your business, you cannot get focused. While searching for something, you will come across with other things you have been looking for, and it will distract you. By having a system established, you will be able to be efficient. You will also have time to be effective as well. “ Efficiency” and “effectiveness” complete each other. The former means doing things in the least amount of time with little effort, whereas the latter indicates getting positive results from what you do. To be successful you need both.


Set your goals. Specify your intentions. You should be clear on what you want to achieve by carrying out the tasks in your to do list. If you have a meeting scheduled, you should be aware of what you are expecting to gain from that meeting. Being definite about the goals will be your guide when you are making your to do list. You can decide how important that meeting is on reaching your goals, and place it accordingly in your list. When you think it over, you might even realize that that particular event for you is a complete waste of time. Then replace it with another task, which will help you to attain your goals.


Managing means being able to be in control over the things that surround us. Managing skills start with time management.  Are you aware of how much the time you spend going around looking for things? Little things such as going through the same pile of paper several times, keep shuffling the stacks of paper from one side to the other to find some workspace, piling your files then having to unstack them again can add up to more than half an hour everyday. With a modest calculation, you can realize that by knowing where everything is, you will gain 3 hours every week.

Solution is getting organized. When you have a system established, things will move faster and smoother. You will not have to struggle through chaos to get to work.   Once you learn to manage your time, you will have more time to improve your other skills.

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