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My Christmas Gift

January 2007
By Figen Genco, BA.

During holidays, I had the opportunity to introduce EFT to someone who is working on his PhD on genetics.

He had never heard about it, doesn’t live in this country (USA) and never has been exposed to any of alternative healing modalities. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to educate someone who said he was a hardcore scientist who only believes in factual findings.

I explained to him how it worked. He found the talking part acceptable because it was familiar but he thought the tapping was silly and unacceptable. He had difficulty accepting idea of physical problems originating from emotions.

I wanted to demonstrate EFT on something physical but he brushed it off. So, I didn’t push the idea not turn him off completely. He was in such a place that even if we got the results he would have denied that it felt better, not because he would lie but because he would really believe that it didn't feel better.

He said he wouldn’t mind working on something emotional; relationships. So we worked on his challenges on the subject about an hour. Next day, he sat and watched one of the DVD’s I was studying; Stephen Daniel, PhD, using EFt for Chronic Health Issues, one of Gary’s DVD series- EFT Specialty Series 2.

It was one of the DVDs I picked without thinking and it turned out to be a perfect one for him because Stephen had a medical background, and brought a live example with him to the stage, one of his ex-patients, who he turned from the edge of dying, and now his fiancé . And at some point he even mentioned genetics.

It was great! My friend watched with interest, and even though he disagreed with some of the things Stephen said, I know that I opened a new door for him. I felt proud of having a part in bringing a scientist to his next level of understanding and to being open to more than just what he can see and measure!

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