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The Rainbow Connection and the “Hidden Concepts”

By Figen Genco

I am truly thrilled to have discovered Silvia Hartmann’s EmoTrance, and amazed with the results I am already getting with myself and my existing clients.

I would like to share with you the experiences I have had while doing my assignments during EmoTrance Certification program. Watch for my upcoming articles about the case studies with my clients and expert articles on specific applications of EmoTrance in my field; Professional Organizing and Feng Shui.

In this article, I would like to share what I discovered while I was applying the Rainbow Connection technique. For those who haven’t studied this technique yet, Rainbow Connection is applied in the thoughtfield. A thoughtfield is the body of energy around the person which contains energetic information coming from a person’s experiences. It is the basis of the person’s behaviors, opinions and decisions. The Rainbow Connections technique works with conflicting or detached concepts in our thoughtfield and shows us how to connect them so that we can function properly without barriers and disconnections. Even though there are some general concepts which are conflicting for many people such as “love and money”, “sex and spirituality”, people also have their own unique conflicting concepts from their own experiences and learning. In reality these concepts do NOT conflict. They are just misplaced and got detached in people’s thoughtfields because of different reasons. Once the connection between these concepts is established, reaching goals become very doable. Since millions of people are held back from what they want to do by their thoughts only, the empowerment from applying this technique can be easily seen and appreciated.

The more detailed explanation and application of Rainbow Connection can be found in Dr. Silvia Hartmann’s October 2000 article; The Rainbow Connection. What I would like to introduce you in my article is the “Hidden Concepts”. I discovered the Hidden Concepts while I was working on connecting something which I truly disliked with the concept “love.” I located “love” very easily since I worked on it from the day before while connecting other things. I couldn’t find where the other concept was located. I looked left and right, up and down, near and far and couldn’t find it. Then, I discovered where it was! It was all the way down buried below the surface. I must have disliked what the concept represented for me so much that I had buried it! It was below the ground, and totally covered up until I understood where it was. Then, as soon as I realized where it was, it got uncovered and started growing like a plant.

Similar thing happened when I was working with a client, who couldn’t find the concept she was looking for. After some guidance, she finally found it to the side of her left eye, in her blind spot. Same thing happened while helping my son with the Rainbow Connections. His concept was hidden in his blind spot near the right eye.

Here is what I learned from what I have experienced:

  1. Pay attention to where most of YOUR “negative- association concepts” are. Mine seemed to cluster below my knees, around my feet. When you know your area, this will be the place to look carefully when you can not locate a “negative-association” concept of yours.
  2. Look harder in your negative - association field. The concept might be really far away, buried, or located in a blind spot. Keep looking until you discover it. Amazing things happen when you do!
  3. Also, use “Hidden Concepts” idea for the things that you want to invite into your life and the things you want to o accomplish. They might be hiding and that might be why you have difficulty getting them!

Please email me your stories and experiences with Hidden Concepts!

Happy Connecting!

Figen Genco
EFT/Feng Shui/Professional Organizing/EmoTrance
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