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EFT for Holidays!

By Figen Genco, BA.

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My EFT applications to myself start in bed before even I get up, and continue throughout the day whenever an opportunity for growth and healing presents itself. We, the professionals in the field of serving people, are so focused on the healing aspects of EFT that we might time to time forget EFT’s amazing preventing powers for our clients and ourselves.

Below are possible occasions during holidays that you or your clients might feel anxiety about, and EFT can be used as preventive therapy. Several set up phrases are included for each occasion. They can be used individually, together, or mixed.


Even though I have no clue about what to buy for all the people that I need to buy gifts for, I deeply and completely accept myself.

I love and forgive myself for waiting until the last moment.

I love and forgive myself for shopping for myself while I am supposed to be shopping for others.

Even though my basement is filled with gifts that people gave me that I never opened, and presents I bought thinking I would give to people, I don’t feel like going to the basement and digging through stuff to look for them, I’d rather go buy more; and I choose to accept myself anyway.


Even though I am late once again writing my holiday cards, I choose not to blame myself. I am open to the possibility to think that when the cards go after the holidays, people might be more interested in them, and they might actually have time to read them.

Even though receiving cards from others with their PERFECT family pictures and stories make me feel inadequate, I forgive myself for not being like them. I love and accept myself with my shortcomings.


Even though I know that I will be overindulging with food at these gatherings, I choose to give myself permission to do so before even going there.

I forgive myself in advance for eating more than I need to, maybe I won’t eat that much anyway. Giving this permission to myself already feels good! I love myself.

Even though, it is inevitable that there will be conversations which are no interest to me, or hurtful to me, I love and accept whoever is going to say them. They are doing the best they can with what they have. I choose not to get upset, and listen to them as a third person, not as myself.


Even though I might not like, or get offended with whatever is given to me, I completely and deeply accept myself. I love and forgive myself for not caring for what I am given.

Even though I don’t think I deserve the gifts I get- after all what I give out was much less- I deeply and completely accept myself for not feeling deserving. Maybe the giver thinks I am deserving of those gifts. Maybe it’s all in my head, and I will feel much more relaxed if I let go of all these speculations about gifts.


I choose to be calm, loving, compassionate and at peace during holidays!


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