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I am a professional organizer.  I integrated EFT in my services as “Internal De-Cluttering” which most people need before they can actually work on the physical part easily.  Mary called me for a professional organizing appointment.  When we scheduled the date, I sensed the disbelief in success in her voice. 

When I arrived, she was very nervous and embarrassed as usually people are at the first visit.  She gave me the tour of the house while telling her story.  This is the usual routine.  People go through all their emotions and criticism of themselves in their own minds and watch every move I make and my facial impressions to try to understand my reaction about their space and more importantly about them.  My reaction is always “GREAT!”

And that is exactly how I feel.  Just like a sculptor looking at a piece of rock, I know exactly where to go with what my clients call “A MESS”.  I am excited that they want to do something about it.  And I get even more excited if I see that there is enough space to work with.

Mary wanted to start with her daughter’s room.  Her daughter was home, and we could consult with her about what she wanted, so I agreed.  We went to Mary’s daughter’s room.

Just as I was reaching for a box of mixed things to get started, she began talking in a panic.  I stopped and asked her if this process was making her nervous.  She said yes.  I told her that I knew a method that works great with some people, and asked her if she would like to try it.  She was curious, and she wanted to try it.  I demonstrated the full Basic Recipe- which could be found at Gary Craig’s FREE MANUAL.  Before I got her tapping on herself, I asked her what her level of nervousness was.  On a scale of 0 to 10, she was a 9.

We used the phrase, Even though I feel nervous about this process…

After the first two rounds, her level of intensity came down to 2 out of 10 from 9.

While working on the third round to go to a zero level of intensity, I sensed that she got tense again.  I could also see the physical evidence of this new emotion on her face and throat.  Her face got red, and I saw she was trying hard to swallow down tears.  This was a sign that she had another aspect about de-cluttering came up.

I asked her if she would like to share what came up.  She said it brought back sad memories of the time when her parents passed away, and she had to do this process – clearing out and emptying their home.  Her siblings weren’t very helpful.  She had anger, resentment, and grief that she didn’t have time to go through then.

We picked one emotion at a time, with the appropriate accompanying setup and reminder phrases, and we tapped several rounds for each emotion until they subsided.  After that, she was able to work with me for 6 hours without a problem - which in most cases is a very long time for the first visit.


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