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"It is the sign of a weak mind to be unable to bear wealth."


Bring Peace Within and Around
  September 2008
Dear Friend,

I have been working on a CD with two of my clients who happened to be spiritual music writers and producers. I am having fun working and being with them. David joins me in our meetings.  So, these visits of brainstorming and initial recordings turn into social gatherings at the end, where those three play and I sing. We have fun. I call them my three angels; David, Mark, and Angelo- yes even his name has "Angel" in it!

I am also working on a book which has  the same title with the CD, and parallel topics. It seems thMy Waterfallat this is the one I wanted to write all along. The previous two manuscripts I wrote last year ended up being healing and growth tools for me. I realized that when I was done. I keep them in the cabinet  with my other books I have and get ideas from them.

I have been studying Clairvoyant Reading and Healing. I originally planned to register the online courses of a well-known psychic institute in California. Right after contacting them and wishing that there was a better way for me to do this ;  I found a fantastic book which is written by one of a former students of the school, Debra Lynne Katz. The book is called "You Are Psychic" (There are other books with the same title in the market but they are different.)

I am so pleased with what I learned and how well she explains everything that I ordered her second book and I am almost at the end of that one also. I am pleasantly surprised to see the shift in my thinking about my understanding of what  psychic means and what a psychic does. Thanks to Katz,  I now understand that it is for everyone, and it is a very fast and amazing healing tool.

It is empowering to be able tap into the universal data through clairvoyant readings and create the desired shifts and healing instantaneously. These techniques and the information  provides me with an extra tool along with my intuition.

I applied the grounding techniques I learned from this book and mini-readings for a few clients who wanted to include them inDebra Lynne Katz their consultations. We were pleasantly surprised about how effective and easy to use the techniques are and what showed up in the readings!

I highly recommend both of her books to be able to learn the tools for healing and protection if not for readings!

I created a meeting place for us to discuss different topics . Please join me there !
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Under New Management

LisaThe other day when I opened my eyes in the morning, instead of thinking of my intention of the day, I used the statement learned from Lisa Renee* "I am serving the Creator"

 As soon as I said that, I realized the power of it. 

If you are up to it; say it and see if you will understand and feel what I did.

In every situation that happens during the day if you can remember and repeat that to yourself "I am serving the Creator", everything becomes so amazingly easy.  Resistance  to life events and situations is released. Peace comes much easier.

*More about Lisa Renee in "Education, Meditation" article.
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Education, Meditation

Three websites I recently came upon after asking some questions. They are great free resources. And you might be getting this information from me because you have asked some questions yourself!

I highly recommend Lisa Renee's Meditation on WorldPuja website. It is called Ascension Intention-it is FREE. I used my headset while doing the meditation. It was powerful. Interesting sensations happened in my body and I felt the shift. 




Opportunity to Ask Live Questions

I have three e-radio interviews coming up. Mark your calendars.You can call in to ask your questions. If you miss it, you can still listen to the interviews from the stated websites:

The sites have a reminder button-so all you need to do is, click the below link, and click on the reminder button

9/20/2008 with Davida Shensky 9.30AM (EST)

9/22/2008 with Phil Harris 8.00PM (EST)

10/02/2008 with H. Les Brown 8PM (EST)

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          I  bring peace and prosperity,
   Figen Genco

Figen Genco
Love The Way You Live