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Bring Peace Within and Around
  October 2008
Dear Friend,

I went for a walk with a client and two of her friends yesterday. It was a very interesting experience for me. I don't live in the world they live.  Listening to them, I felt as if I was watching a movie. They all had children in elementary school in different grades. It was a private school, and the school had been dealing with two lawsuits even though it just opened a few weeks ago. What was happening at their school meetings sounded full of  emotions,  confusion and drama. It felt to me they had enough tension in their lives just through the school! What about everything else?

During the time when I had the honor to teach English to four Buddhist monks in their home in the US for two years, I realized how protective their environment was. I thought how doable it was to stay calm and peaceful in where and how they lived. When I look at the crazy situations most people are in, I am amazed that anyone can stay sane. This is mostly when people turn to alcohol, drugs, prescribed medications or other distracting indulgences of self-destruction.

I have been living a secluded life for the last two years. I can because of the way I set my life up.

How do you stay sane? Do you meditate, join groups, protect
yourself from excitable environments? Do you have secret tips?

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Psychic Healing

LisaAs you know from my September newsletter, I had been studying Psychic healing recently. In September a local psychic contacted me from a flier I posted on a local metaphysical store, and we have been practicing together. We have now our own discoveries and tools along with the techniques we each already knew.

I must say so far this is the  most effective technique amongst all the modalities I have learned and currently practice.

We are half-way in a four- week workshop that we are teaching to a limited number of people. There is a remarkable change in  participants.

Amongst other things, I am working on developing an online course. Meanwhile if you are local and you would like to be informed about the next workshop  email me with the subject "Intuition". This is an experiential course on developing intuition and energetic reading skills; healing yourself and others.

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Free Tele-Class
Is there a breakdown of order in your life, resulting in confused meandering rather than having a real progress?

Are you letting outside events and individuals to make unwise counsel for you or to push you into situations where you may not wish to go?

There is one thing that you can always have control over: YOURSELF.
You can learn how to protect, call back, and enhance your own energy; and how to most benefit from the universal energy which is available to all.

Universal energy is in the foundation of the ancient Feng Shui;  transformational practices as Yoga, Meditations, Martial Arts, Spiritual Dancing; and healing modalities such as Reiki, EmoTrance, Psychic Healing, Guided Imagery, and Visualizations.
I will be offering a free Tele Class on Monday November 24, 8PM EST. The Topic is "Universal Energy", What It Is and How You Can Benefit From It. 
  • A Discussion About Universal Energy and How to Access it
  • A Guided Meditation for Grounding, Protection, and Energy Enhancement
  • Q & A
This Guided  Meditation is a very powerful technique from Lewis Bostwick, the father of Psychic Education in the US. It will help  release fear and tension; and transform you by bringing  in the light to move forward calmly with confidence.

Please email to register . You will be sent the access code, and a reminder.You can also invite others by forwarding this newsletter to them to register. This tele-class is FREE. Your only cost will be your regular long distance charges-if there is any-to dial the tele-conference number.

Looking forward to seeing you there!
Recorded Free Talks

I had fun with the three interviews I had last month, each on a different subject: Here are the links if you want to have a peak:




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          Feel magnificent,
   Figen Genco

Figen Genco
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