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If you want to be happy, be!

--Leo Tolstoi




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Happy 2008!

I have had a wonderfully relaxing New Year’s Eve. My sister and her husband came over. We visited for a while, and then had dinner. Then we played Cranium. We had to skip many cards because except for my husband none of us were grown up in the US. For those who don’t live in the US, Cranium is a board game in which you need to answer many cultural and general questions, draw pictures, act persons, spell words forward and backwards, hum or whistle songs… etc. It is fun.

At 12 am, we called my parents in Turkey. It was 7 am Jan 1st, there. I have always found it strange and fascinating at the same time that in some parts of the world, people already have lived a day that I am just starting.

Nowadays I have been studying and learning more on how TIME doesn’t actually exist. In the book “Mind, Life, and Universe” one of the scientists talks about TIMESCAPES similar to landscapes. It makes a lot of sense considering how time seems to slow down or stop in certain moments, and how it seems to fly away in other occasions. The idea that time doesn’t exist makes me feel much better. It takes away the panic and anxiety of the time slipping away. This way, I still live by the rules of the time notion that society goes by, but not let myself be dragged away in frenzy with its perceived restrictions.


I had been meaning to go through my Subscribers list and delete email addresses of those who don’t actually open the newsletter.  Good for them and good for me; de-cluttering my subscriber list!

I have had about 4,000 subscribers and there wasn’t an easy to figure out who registered to get my free de-cluttering manuals but didn’t remove themselves from the list after getting them. I had two options; either open each subscriber’s history (three clicks) or export the list of the people who opened the newsletter for each month and compare with the active list on Constant Contact

So I decided to go with the latter. I exported the list of people who opened the newsletter in September and November 2007. Then I started comparing those with the active list.

At the beginning I was resenting doing the task. Then it dawned on me! A great opportunity to say “Hi” to each one of you individually!!! It was quite an interesting experience!  I said “Thank you and goodbye” to each of those whose email addresses I deleted.

For YOU who is reading this right now, I made an intention to send an energetic gift ( EmoTrance).Something that you really needed at that time- courage, love, warmth, friendliness, clarity, motivation, a pair of socks  or whatever presented itself in my energy mind for you, I sent it to you and I said” Hi! Thank you for being with me!”

Doing the project in this way turned an otherwise tedious physical job to a higher level energetic connection! It was fantastic and I was surprised to see how easy and fast it got completed- time flew by!:)

Now I feel much closer to you and also feel that we can all breathe easier since the list is now de-cluttered!!!!

(I  also got to see some email address which made me smile... such as agoodguy@...., misbehaving@...., iamhere@...., crazycatwoman@...., sparklylights@...., misorganized@....)


Speaking of de-cluttering...We now have 6 students in my brand new course Pick A Room and Organize. As I write this, I am realizing that anyone can benefit from taking this course whether they are currently working on an organizing project or not. I also realize that I am NOT thinking this course UP, but the words, thoughts, instructions and guidance is FLOWING down to me and through me to YOU.

By being a participant of this absolutely UNIQUE course:

  • You get to own a fantastic course e-book- Six Units – complete with pictures, explanations, terminology, examples- that you can use again and again with other organizing projects;
  • You get to chat with other participants who are also struggling with de-cluttering and organizing- we do this through a private yahoogroup message board -very easy to use.
  • You get to have constant access to me for 6 months by email and through the message board.
  • You also get a 50% (a very generous discount) for phone consultations on any of my services during the time you are a registered participant.

Here is how it works: When you register, you receive Unit 1. When you complete Unit 1 and return your assignment, you receive Unit 2, and so on. This delivery method prevents you from getting overwhelmed.

It ensures that you spend the required time to be able to grasp main ideas to change the beliefs which are preventing you from going forward in your projects. When units are completed properly; the explanations and assignments will help you build up a strong foundation, which will support you through the organizing processes for the rest of your life.

The Unit assignments are short and easy to do. I created the Units based on all the emotional difficulties I observe while working with clients and from the feedback of my audiences.  I covered the common mistakes people make. I aimed to go deep and create awareness in participants so that they can understand what is happening around them and why it is happening.

No matter what kind of space your project is in, you will benefit from taking this course. If you are a Professional Organizer, with this course you will understand in depth what kind of emotional blockages your clients might have, and learn the ways to address them. If you are an organized person, but living with a disorganized one, this course will help you see and understand their side of the story, and give you tools to be able to help them. They don’t have to be taking the course directly with me. You can take it, and help them with what you will learn. If you are professional organizer or the person who wants to help the third party, and have questions email me.

Another benefit of taking this course RIGHT NOW is that, I am writing the Units as I am giving the course with the current participants. The feedback and questions coming from the participants are contributing in what direction the course takes . If you register now, you will be one of those participants whose thoughts and views are considered for an upcoming Unit!

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I have been having really dry eyes since the beginning of this winter. I tried tapping, and I used different brands of tear drops and an eye lubricant but they didn’t help much. I decided to tap again. I started with my regular routine tapping; the shortcut version ending at the top of the head.

After the first round, my hand wanted to go to the Under the Nose spot- above the lip. I tapped that spot for a while- much longer than usual. Then my hand moved to the Chin spot. While I was tapping the chin, my fingers started moving towards my left jaw, then to the right jaw. It felt really good. I kept going back and forth from one ear to the other, tapping all along the jaws and the chin area.

My jaws loosened up really nicely. I decided to use this tapping whenever my jaw area feels tense. Those of you with TMJ problems would know what I am talking about. Also most people clench their teeth when they are under stress. This tapping offers a fast and easy relief on that area.  That was the bonus. After this unique tapping, my eyes felt much better!!!

LESSON: Don’t be shy with EFT, about where to tap or what to say. Be adventurous; let your hands take over. They know what is going on where. (This actually matches perfectly with how EmoTrance works!)

For Those of You Who are new to EFT:Watch the new EFT video

See you in February, maybe sooner!