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Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together.

--Vesta M. Kelly




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Five years ago, I had a birthday, a big one! I turned 40. When people wished me Happy Birthday, I complained, whimpering “What is happy about this, I am getting old!”

A smart woman from the group, walked towards me. She looked right into my eyes, and whispered lightheartedly: “Things are going to get better...”

I can’t remember who she was. If I did, I would send her a BIG THANK YOU! I would thank her because she gave me something to look forward to. Even though I, myself questioned her comment then, I remember a tiny little bird in my heart who heard her comment, too. And it took it to its tiny heart, which fluttered with hope and anticipation.

Even though it was such a tiny heart of such a tiny little bird, it glowed like a light house. The glow coming from that tiny little heart was so bright and so strong that it radiated through all the darkness and ice around it. It kept glowing and glowing until the surrounding ice melted and the darkness learned to respect its determination, and started reflecting the glow, illuminating the gloomy corners.

I just turned 45, August 13th.  So many things transformed since my 40th bday, accelerating to an unbelievable pace recently. Not “overwhelming” but rather “BREATHTAKING!”

The tiny little bird is not locked up in my heart anymore. I opened the doors of my heart recently because of another smart woman, Dr Silvia Hartmann. And now many little birds come and go singing freely.

Nicola Quinn- the co-creator of EmoTrance was my tutor, at the EmoTrance Practitioner course I took. During the course, I heard about the announcing of the First Project Sanctuary Practitioner Certification course. This course was going to happen in UK, where Silvia Hartmann lives, and I thought how cool it would be if I could go there, and learn this Project Sanctuary thing that I know nothing about, and have Silvia as my teacher.

There is a certain frequency that I am able to catch more often these days, the frequency through which I wish something, and it becomes reality!

Right after my course, I received an email announcing that rather than doing it in a class, Dr Silvia Hartmann decided to offer this accredited course as a correspondence course online, and the first 23 registrants would take the course directly with her.

My wish got granted quickly! But I hesitated- as we, most of the time do, unknowingly!

The door opens for us, but we either don’t see it, or decide not to walk through it.

I worried about the course fee*, and that I have just completed another course which I didn’t have time to digest, and that I know nothing about PS (Project Sanctuary), and that how much time I needed to devote on that.

I asked my son. He said, “Mom, you have been admiring Silvia Hartmann’s work all during your EmoTrance course, and now you have chance to directly learn from her,  go ahead and take it.” I didn’t register.

Next day, I was talking to my husband, and I asked him. He said” Would it make you happy?” I said, I want to learn form her, she is the creator of this, and she mentions that EmoTrance actually came from Project Sanctuary. He said “Take it!”

I didn’t register.

The following day Nicola emailed for something else. Then she mentioned the course, and encouraged me to take it.  I could NOT ignore the third sign!

It has been miraculous! I will tell you more about this course in September newsletter.

This month I want to tell you good news about my first step, The EmoTrance course! Those of you, who are in, or close to the USA, YOU ARE LUCKY! EmoTrance is coming to America! The first EmoTrance Conference will be held in NY in November.

Two months ago because of a search I did on the Internet, I ended up on a website, where a man was demonstrating certain alternative healing modalities.  He also made reference to EmoTrance, which I had never heard about before. I included his website in my June newsletter because of the free information he gave to the world, without knowing what he was giving to me!

Next day, I went back to his website and I clicked on the link to EmoTrance course.

This man, Abraham Bruck, OPENED a door for me!

Now I am a PRESENTER at his FIRST EMOTRANCE conference in the US!

And WE are opening a DOOR for YOU!


Looking forward to meeting you there!


*The course fee I paid for EmoTrance has already been paid back through my first EmoTrance client at the end of July!

November 11th, 12th, 13th, 2007
At the Crowne Plaza Hotel, JFK, New York.

I am attending the First EmoTrance conference in the US as a participant, and as a PRESENTER!!!!
This is a great opportunity for all those of YOU

  • Who want to GET THEIR FEET WET in the ENERGY Healing world
  • Who are already doing alternative therapy
  • Who want to experience something fast, easy, empowering, and MAGICAL
  • Who want to add another tool in their existing HEALING business
  • Who want to a career transition to the amazing world of ENERGY

EmoTrance is an exciting tool that can be added to anything that you are already doing, and can be used by itself. It enhances YOU personally, and you can apply it to anything that you already do- just as I do!

This 3-Day conference gives you options to take it for yourself, become a Certified Practitioner, and/or become a Trainer if you wish. I am already a Certified Practitioner as you know. I will be attending the Certification for Trainers on the Third Day of the conference. And right after that, I will be presenting my WORKSHOP. My workshop is listed under BONUSES on the registration page.


“Clearing Clutter with EmoTrance”

OK - You've gotten this far. And to show our appreciation we're going to include 3 INCREDIBLE EXTRA BONUSES, again, if you are one of the FIRST 25 to Register:

EXTRA BONUS #1 - EmoTrance Energy Dancing: From 7:30 - 9:00pm Nov. 11th ($150 Value)

EXTRA BONUS #2 - EmoTrance BeauTy T: From 7:30 - 9:00pm Nov.12th ($150 Value)

EXTRA BONUS #3 -Clearing Clutter with EmoTrance: From 5:30 - 7:00pm Nov.13th ($150 Value)

Here is more information about the EmoTrance Conference

International Therapy Comes to the States

This November, over a hundred doctors, nurses, healers, therapists and laypersons alike will meet together at The Crowne Plaza Hotel in New York City to learn more about what has been described as a breakthrough method in personal development.

EmoTrance is a therapeutic technique based on the ideas that energy flows through our bodies and works on the same levels as popular methods such as Reiki, Acupuncture and Reflexology. One of the reasons why EmoTrance is so popular is that in contrast with talking therapies, the client does not have to reveal to the EmoTrance Practitioner the problem that they are seeking to find relief from.

Dr Silvia Hartmann, PhD, primary developer of EmoTrance said: “It’s like someone comes to you with a hole in their pair of jeans. All you have to do is repair it quickly and then there won’t be a hole in this person’s pair of jeans. You don’t need the history of the pair of jeans, or even how there got be a hole in the first place.

“When Nicola Quinn and I were researching EmoTrance, we found a lot of the time that peoples own barriers to self-improvement and becoming who they want to be, are just hindered by their own emotional blockages. You remove the blockages, you set people free – it’s as simple as that!

The organizers of the conference, EmoTrance USA are keen to highlight the benefits of holding this training in the US. Abraham Bruck of Monsey, NY, Managing Director writes: “This is the First Certified EmoTrance Training to take place in the US. The Crowne Plaza Hotel provides excellent facilities for what is set to be an intensive 3 days and 2 nights of EmoTrance!”

The training starts on the morning of Sunday, the 11th of November, 9:00am onwards with a free demonstration and a chance to meet the trainers and ask questions. The conference then goes on till Tuesday November 13th, 5:00pm.

Prices range from $300 to $1,547.00 depending on how many days you can attend and the level of certification you would like to become. These are deeply discounted prices from that which is being charged in the UK. They are, in a manner of speaking, an “introductory offer”, which may never be repeated again.

Steve Collins, one of the contributing researches of EmoTrance said: “Once you start thinking in terms of energy flowing through the body, you start to unravel a huge list of benefits from healing to personal development and performance coaching. We like to say: "Everything works better with EmoTrance!”

For more information contact the team at: 718-687-8805
CLICK HERE to register.

November 11th, 12th, 13th, 2007

At the Crowne Plaza Hotel, JFK, New York.

I encourage you WALK through the DOOR which is OPENED for you!