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"Helping heal others starts by helping heal yourself. Educate not only through your words, but also with the way you live and work."
~Figen Genco

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  May  2009

Dear Reader,
I am absolutely amazed with the results I received for the survey I sent out. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all that responded. There are currently 20 pages of answers and they still keep coming in. I read the first 20 pages in my front yard near my big rock and fountain, communicating my appreciation to you.  The  responses not only answered my questions but also included marketing ideas, warm comments and compliments, genuine words of encouragement for the completion of my book and wishes for success. I am humbled with your affection and enthusiasm. Thank you!

Some of you wrote personal messages that I wanted to individually respond as I always do. However, there is no way for me to know who wrote what in this survey format since the responses had been sorted and posted cumulatively under each question. So this time I am responding here.

I had already written about 200 pages for my book and it seems that I had covered most of what is requested and recommended. I was surprised to see that a few readers actually used very similar wording for the  unique expressions I used in my book. We are definitely on the same page!

To give you a short summary, it seems like it will be a paperback. I am in the process of working with my web designer to brainstorm and create a platform for my readers to get together while they read and apply the book by themselves. We are also working on some other exciting products related to this project and decluttering. However; right now my priority is the editing and fine-tuning of my book so that I can get it published. I think I will go with self-publishing since -as you know by now- I can’t wait!

   Waiting for Men
Two weeks ago on a Wednesday morning, I asked David if he wanted to go to a Yoga Asana class with me- Wednesday is his day off. He said he would.

I looked at the class schedule the night before and knew that the class was at 9:15 am. So I told him I would like to leave at 8:55 This studio is about 10 minutes away and it gives us time to walk from the parking lot, go up, and settle down. 
It was 8:00 am and he was still upstairs. I know from experience that it takes him at least 5 minutes when he comes down to get out of the door if he hurries. So I went upstairs and reminded him.
Comparing to the past, I was pretty calm. I had experienced this with all three husbands- and boy-friends. I am always ready at the door- sometimes on the street- because I get impatient and they are up there doing whatever they are doing!I guess I attract guys who are into their appearance.
When we were finally in  the car, to my amazement NOT in a loud voice I said, "How come when you need to go somewhere by yourself you start getting ready way ahead of time but when it is with me I always have to wait for you?" He didn't respond. Instead he concentrated on the breathing techniques I showed him a day earlier! I thought it was funny and pretty good. He was driving fast, which I didn't like so I  said a few more things so that he wouldn't and then I shut my mouth.
When we arrived, our car was the only one in the parking lot. We went up the stairs and had to wait for 5 minutes until the girl who opened the door showed up. It turned out that I didn't remember the time  correctly. The class was scheduled to start at 9:30am.
He didn't say anything while we waited for another 15 minutes. I was impressed (and embarrassed).
Did I learn something from it? We will see next time...

   Yoga Update
I have had some inquiries about the Yoga Teacher Training program that I am attending. The studio is called Saraswati River Yoga . The type of Yoga I am learning is based on the ancient teaching of a lineage of masters from the Tantric tradition of Kashmirian Shaivism.
I am discovering something new about my body everyday while I continue with the program and attend a variety of Asana classes.
Meanwhile, I did a 7-day raw vegan spring cleanse and I am experimenting with going raw completely.  I stopped eating meat about 2 months ago. More about this next month.
I am  starting to teach a Yoga Relaxation class at the Bucks County Community College on May 27th. Another marvelous manifestation!If you are local and interested in coming, call the college to register. The course is called Yoga Relaxation.There are two sets of 5 week classes, which will concentrate on the spiritual side of Yoga,  breathing techniques, meditations and chanting.
I also started teaching Yoga in my home; Beginners and Restorative Yoga.

Mildred Satoris is David's mom. My son calls her Milly.
(My fourth mother- my mother plus three mother-in-laws that I still call "mom" and who still call me "my daughter")
Mildred is an amazing person; smart, fun and full of joy.  She is almost 90, does everything by herself. She has never had a dishwasher and never driven a car. In summer; she goes out, climbs on a ladder and hand washes her house!
She is a person to learn from about how to keep on going with a smile.
           Happy Mother's day to my four moms and to all!

A NOTE TO GUYS : PLEASE CELEBRATE YOUR FEMININE SIDE like I celebrate my masculine side! We all have both. And you can only be balanced when you are at peace with all of YOU!

If you would like to share your thoughts, email me.

                                                   To you!

                   Figen Genco (Ashananda)
Figen Genco
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