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Energy Medicine with Donna Eden
Vatican Approves of Believing in Aliens
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"Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong."

- Peter T. Mcintyren 

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  May 2008
Dear Reader,

There is growing stillness in my life nowadays. Not that it was hectic before but it seems as if things are being cleared from my mind and my schedule, and I feel like I am getting prepared for something more expansive and profound.

I don't know how everyone else is living but I seem to be on some sort of a "Retreat" right at my home.

My WaterfallAt the moment, other than the sound of the keystrokes, the only other external sound is from the small water fountain in the room. I am able to hear my heart beating faintly. It feels as if the time has stopped.

I paused for a few minutes to feel the tingling sensations in my fingers. Energy is permeating through my shoulders to my fingers.I am fascinated, mesmerized and drawn into this Energy.
Energy Medicine with Donna Eden
Donna EdenI hit the Jackpot!
I just discovered Donna Eden and her work. 
What a wonderful healer, what a fantastic teacher!!!

Her book, Energy Medicine, is packed with amazing information and tips to  heal, boost, protect and understand your energy.  I found some videos on youtube while reading the book. I am doing the exercises everyday, learning the body's 8 systems, studying anatomy, and surrendering to the universal energy!

Watch a demonstration:
Five Minute Daily Routine with Donna Eden

I ordered her Energy Medicine Kit as well. It comes with cards, a DVD, a CD, a crystal and a booklet which is the summary of Energy Medicine.There is 5 minute- daily routine, which is a combination of simple exercises which boost all your body's systems. I highly recommend this kit if you don't have time to read the book.

If you live in LA, she is one of the presenters for  May 29-30, Epigenetics Conference at Crowne Plaza LAX, Los Angeles California.

WiserThis month's quote is about confidence. The picture of me there was taken about 6 years ago.  She believed she was confident, but now I understand that she was NOT.

She acted mostly from  fear-based arrogance and withdrawal (by-products of ego) and had undesired behavior patterns from root false beliefs!

I love and forgive her (myself then ) for not knowing any better. TAP TAP TAP
I deeply and completely accept her !

I will have an energetic visit with her, a very handy technique that I learned during my Project Sanctuary Master training, which I often use in client consultations, and change the dynamics of that time, thus altering its effects on my existence now!

Vatican Approves of Believing in Aliens

There were a number of articles on  Vatican's recent interview about the aliens inlcuding yahoo News and USA today online. The interview, headlined "The extraterrestrial is my brother", and basically says it is OK to believe in aliens.

I would like to know your reflections on the interview;
email me with your comments figen@lovethewayyoulive.com

Off to Tuscon, AZ

Canyon Ranch, AZ
I am scheduled to give two seminars at Canyon Ranch, AZ, June 13th, and 14th.
I will be doing the travel arrangements soon. I am thinking to use Expedia for the plane tickets- from Philadelphia to Tuscon, AZ.  If you have suggestions for the flight, or other ideas, let me know!

          Sunshine and clarity to you!
   Figen Genco