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 How to Be Happy

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"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.
~Lao Tsu
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  June  2009

Dear Reader,
I finished the Yoga teacher training program. However, because I joined late, I need to complete my hours in an intensive in July. The interesting thing is most of the time I start reading 'how to" books from the back. It seems like I did the same thing with the this program. I finished it, now I am going to start it!             
        The rose I was given at the Graduation Ceremony in the  hands of the Goddess on my Altar
I started assisting the regular Yoga classes. We do hands-on assists throughout the Yoga classes. Not only adjustments for correct alignment but also little massages (the Tantric influence) to help open up the tight areas. I realized that I enter the same zone when I am helping people melt their bodies into the shapes they are trying to get in as when I help them organize, melting their spaces into the shape they want. I step into a space where only the person that I am currently helping and what they are trying to accomplish exist. Nothing else! I forget everything. I become a vessel to serve only them. It is meditative and therapeutic. ( I have been getting a lot of thank you's after the classes)
I also started taking Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training modules. This brings observational skills for immediate understanding of underlying causes of a person's problems by looking at their posture and how they walk. We will learn how to address to the specific areas of the body for alignment. I am excited about it!
There is more to tell you about what else going on but I'll do it next month.
                Renuka, my Indian dance teacher designed a henna tatoo on my foot!
Enjoy the summer- we have been enjoying the rain over here in PA.

  How to be Happy
Catch yourself saying I am happy. Then ask "Why?" If there is an answer, then it is not true happiness. It is a temporary contentment with your current circumstances. Maybe you like the weather, have just eaten something very delicious or have done a pleasurable activity. You may have acquired something you really wanted or received a recognition. Whatever it is, as long as there is a reason to your happiness, you are destined to become unhappy again.
When our happiness is attached to something, it turns into sadness when you lose that thing, or disappointment when the newness of the situation wears off. If you tie your happiness to outside events, you also place conditions for your future happiness. "I will be happy when I ........( get married, get divorced, buy that car, have a baby, when kids are out of the house, fill in the blank)..... And as soon as you get what you think would make you happy, you realize that it wasn't what you really wanted.
Just close your eyes, and think of all the situations that fit in above descriptions in your life.

Now think of one time in your life when you felt true happiness. From my experience, these events are not what we think they would be at all.You might be surprised when your mind comes up with an insignificant memory. However; those are the times when we are completely tuned into the moment without any expectations, just enjoying the moment; completely tuned into our TRUE selves.

There is a difference in the quality of that happiness. It is calm, peaceful, kind and grounded. It still brings a smile in your face when you think of it. It is not attached to other thoughts or emotions such as fears, regrets, longing. IT just IS. A moment in total existence.

That kind of happiness is our default. You don't need to go looking for it. It is in you. Here is the secret formula to access it. Make a decision to be happy and do it everyday. As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, say:

"I am happy because I want to be."
Eat Less- Taste More

When I say eat less, I don't mean the amount. Eat less of the stuff which is laced with corn syrup, sugar, fatty sauces, and less cooked food. Eat more fresh and ripe raw fruit  and vegetables. You will be surprised of the tastes; and how your body will be thankful. I promised in last months issue that I would tell you more about the cleansing and diet I did. Actually now I am doing a less intense version of it all the time.
  I got inspired to this because I started having some digestive problems in the last couple of years.  After having two interesting consultations with two prominent doctors, I decided to take care of myself as I always do.
  I had stopped eating meat a few moths ago after seeing a few video online, filmed in the USA and Britain. The first one was called "What's in your Meat?   My moods changed but my digestion problems didn't go away.

  Then my son started experimenting with becoming a vegan, then a raw vegan, then a fruitarian, and introduced me  to Frederic Patenaude's book Raw Secrets. I observed the changes in him at first hand. ( Having my son around is great because I get to see the effects and learn from him. He is a fantastic resource.)    I stopped eating cooked food and started eating mostly fruits and salads from just a few vegetables; tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and celery with only freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice as dressing.

I followed above diet for six weeks. I have no digestion problems currently. I lost 18 pounds from places that I had never lost before even with vigorous exercising. I am much calmer and have much more energy. Tight places in my body opened up. The combination of this diet with regular Yoga has been transforming my body.                                    HANGING OUT In MY BACKYARD!     
  I started integrating the cooked food into my diet again last week. However it is a small percentage and completely salt and fat free- including oils. I can tell that my body appreciates my efforts!   ( An interesting Video)

Becoming A Butterfly

Twice in my life, I released almost everything I owned including the  belongings and thoughts which I thought made me who I was. Each time my life situation entirely changed.

I gradually I transformed into something else.

When you let things change around you; you open yourself for a transformational inner change. You realize new abilities in yourself. Eventually the inner change gets reflected in your physical reality. New living situations arise out of nowhere.   When you let go of the physical things and physical spaces, an energetic space is created. Clearing up gives opportunity to breathe. Opening up space creates room to grow.
You see the most benefits in yourself, along with amazing changes in your family and relationships. Your attitude becomes more care-free; your health and finances improve, your self esteem increases, you become more grateful. Feeling grateful and expressing appreciation has magical powers. While accepting what currently is and radiating gratitude,  you step into an upward spiral of miraculous enriching experiences.   So, LET IT GO.   Whatever that is holding you back, an object, a person, a thought, an emotion; just release it. And smile with relief.

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