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" Who dares to teach must   never cease to learn."
~ John Cotton Dana
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July 2009

Dear Reader,

Three times within a few weeks people from certain religious groups came to my door. I don't know what to think of it because their aggressive sales tactics diverted me from the messages they were trying to get across. I can take this as a good thing and appreciate their efforts trying to turn people into FAITH instead of living in FEAR. On the other hand, their purpose is to recruit others into their particular version of a structured religion and the way they communicate is forced and shamelessly calculating. I appreciated the experience though. It made me recognize my resentment to the situation.
I have been practicing awareness by taking each daily event as a means to find out more about myself and working on how I can change my reactions.Sometimes just being aware takes you into the next level.
As a family, we are continuously practicing this. This morning I realized that it came to such a point that when David was sitting across from me and harshly  criticizing certain aspects of me, I was able to sit and listen without any physical reactions from my body. I had already done a lot of work for the mental and emotional reactions otherwise I would not be able to sit and listen. I felt empowered!
When you are in a situation which seems threatening to your ego, turn your attention to yourself and observe what goes on in your mind and your body. When you do that, the events become growth opportunities rather than daily dramas and considered attacks to your personality. And when you stay calm, outcomes miraculously change.
Have fun with it!
Brand New Pages
Three brand new pages on my website: 
Spiritual Coaching

I have been blessed with several clients who asked me to coach them while they walk on their own  spiritual paths. I am honored to witness them blossoming.

A spiritual coach is not a guru. Rather, she is a living example of the things she recommends to you so that you can see in first hand how the recommended methods are working out in real life.
Here is more on my take on Spiritual Coaching:


Spiritual Coaching empowers the client with directions and tools to find their own way to their own paths based on their personal choice of spirituality and religious beliefs; provides guidance for a desired personal transformation and thus enhances physical reality.  

As a result of spiritual coaching, you might experience:

  • Better personal and professional RELATIONSHIPS
  • Improved focus and clarity
  • Enhanced understanding of your life’s events
  • Increased patience and awareness
  • Releasing the events of the past
  • Relaxing about the possibilities of the future
  • Developing a sense of contentment without any apparent reason ( blissful state)
  • Discovering hidden talents and finding creative ways to express them
  •  Integrating spiritual life into daily life
  • Recognizing fears and blockages and using the introduced techniques to address them as they come.

A spiritual coach:

  • Has integrity
  • Uses intuition skillfully
  • Knows the difference between intuitive information and judgment, opinion and personal beliefs
  • Has developed skills for empathy
  • Doesn't interfere with client's religous and spiritual beliefs
  • Guides, facilitates, encourages to find your own truth in your own path
  • Recognizes and respects your individuality

I offer spiritual coaching sessions in person, over the phone and through internet tele-conferencing. Reduced multiple session packages are available.

EMAIL me if you have questions about the sessions.
You can schedule your one hour appointment by making your payment HERE.
Vertical Alignment

Being vertical is what separates us from animals. Human beings walk on their two feet and they have a vertical relationship to the earth and to the skies. 

During our yoga teacher training we were asked why a strong vertical alignment was important.
Here are a few answers that came from the group.
  • Integrity
  • Being in correct alignment with gravity, earth and the skies; you are supported in every level and you flow with life with ease.
  • Grace
You can be vertically aligned by learning the correct way to do the Tadasana ( Mountain Pose) in Yoga. By practicing this pose several times a day, you can train your body to go into it while you go about your day. This pose is also the foundation of all other poses in Yoga.
My Sister Tijen - Happy Birthday Beautiful!
I often think that my sister has a preset in her system to
catch my wishes and help
make them come true! She is the initiator of some very big changes in my life, such as moving to the US.  There are also regular synchronistic occurrences.
Every now and then I get tired of the clothes in my closet. I fill what  I don't seem to wear in bags and my son takes them to a place for donations. Within the next day or two my sister, who didn’t know about my recent clean up, comes for a visit dragging a big bag of clothes that she has just decided to give away. Never fails!
Several years ago, when laptops were just becoming popular, I got tired of the cumbersome PC on my desk.  I wished for a laptop so I hang a picture of a laptop on the wall across from my desk. Next day my computer broke and my son had to move it off my desk to the floor to check it out.  A few hours later, in walked my sister with a laptop in her arms for me! 
Tijen publishes a very resourceful quarterly Pilates newsletter. Email her if you would like to receive it.

Here are a few videos that got my attention.
Monkey Loves Cat ( silly and funny)

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Diet and Nutrition ( could be answer to Cost to be Alive)
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Be well, stay well!

Figen Genco
Love the Way You Live