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  "When dealing with people,    remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion."
                 ~Dale Carnegie
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Bring Peace Within and Around

August 2009

Summer is almost over!
What are you feeling right now when I said that? What thoughts crossed your mind? What emotions are triggered?
Does reading that sentence make you feel sad? Happy? Anxious? Annoyed? What does that sentence mean for you?
When we hear, see, smell, touch or taste something; it triggers a certain memory in our energy field. Then the body responds with a reaction about whatever we made out of that experience when it first happened. I remember that at a committee meeting someone opposed to picking the month of February for a workshop with a comment that it was a sad month. Upon my questioning, it is understood that in her childhood, she experienced her single mother's melancholy during Valentine's so her body learned to react with the emotion of sadness to anything related to the month of February.
Sounds like a rare occasion? Actually, it is how human beings function. We are a  sum of our experiences and beliefs. Coming from our beliefs, we pass judgments and create restrictions for ourselves.Then we find ourselves in a cycle of similar situations. Patterns repeat over and over again even if the characters and the locations change. A word, a scent, a sound, an event will trigger a memory. Then all the emotions related to that memory surface. And the emotions you feel, will determine your  reaction to whatever is happening at the moment. The emotions actually belong to the very first event, not the current one.
To be able to change the pattern and have new experiences, you need to recognize how your body is responding to any stimulant and stop it before it goes into the whole cycle again. That is how you can stay excited above life- like a little child for whom everything is magical!
Wake up and pay attention... That's the only way to dream and have constant magic...


Living in Satori
For several reasons I refer to David as my Angel. However, this should not be confused with him being LIKE an Angel!
The way we met and the way his effect in my getting on my path can not be considered coincidence.

His birthday is 11/11. Not only it is a powerful number in Feng Shui and numerology, but it is also directly related to Spiritual Guides and more...
His last name is Satoris. Satori in Japanese means 
"enlightenment". It is related to another expression kensho, which translates as "seeing one's nature". Kensho experiences are brief glimpses, whereas satori is considered to be a deeper spiritual experience.Satoris writes like the plural form of Satori.
Because of the many ways David is, he drives me crazy and causes me to have a series of enlightenments every day! He pushes my buttons and I "see my nature". Having found out where my buttons are and what they are attached to, I go in and  work on unplugging and getting rid of the buttons.
Everyone's buttons are created exactly the same way the judgments are created as I explained in the previous section. Knowing what your buttons are, where they are, how they were  placed there to begin with- what memories they are attached to offers an opportunity for healing and growth. So when someone pushes your buttons, be grateful. Turn into yourself and detach them.
Working on the Travel Corner
We have been working on creating such a nice and nurturing environment at home that none of us wants to leave the house and go anywhere. When I have clients over, they make comments that my place feels like they are in a tropical vacation place outside and a healing spa inside.
I don't know if you remember the article about my Travel Corner in the yard from last June. The weeds were growing high in the travel corner and I was having a hard time deciding to go on the Arizona trip when I was scheduled to give workshops at Canyon Ranch. After cleaning out the weeds,  David got time off from work very easily and we got the tickets on the same day.
This summer, we have been talking about going somewhere. Then talking and talking some more with no real results... Last week David finished landscaping the Travel Corner.  Next day, my sister Tijen ( who makes my wishes come true) emailed me links from her travel agency as she does from time to time. I just picked up the phone and reserved the vacation! We are leaving for Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for a week for the honeymoon we didn't have before.
I love the way Feng Shui works!
Listening to the Inner Guru
While you are walking on your path, sometimes you will feel that you are in the dark. Or you will come to crossroads. Those are the times when we all look for answers. We wish there was someone there to tell us just what it would be if we did this or that. Or someone to lead when we feel our way in darkness. That's when we look for books, go to workshops, get readings and talk to friends etc.
Listening to your coaches and gurus are OK if you take them as guides holding a light so that you can find your way. They are not better than you, not more than you. Maybe just a little further on their path than you are on yours.
Only you can walk on your own path to your destination. No-one can walk it for you or tell you exactly how your path will look like.
Your own Inner Guru is your main guide who knows all the answers. All you need to do is to learn how to tune into and establish open communication with your Inner Guru, the Knower. Knowing and being in communication with the knower in you frees you from your personal self. It is easy, it is fast, it works, I do it everyday! 
Consider Spiritual Coaching. One session might change your life!

May your buttons be disengaged!
Figen Genco
Love the Way You Live