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"A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song."

~Chinese Proverb

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  August 2008
Dear Reader,

David has been blossoming like a flower. His birth date is very powerful 11/11, and I knew all along that he is a healer. In the mornings when we wake up if he just puts his hand on my body,   I immediately get a Reiki belly*.

When I first met him, I started calling him "My Angel", and he would call me "The Wise One". A few months after that, my sister gave me a small book, called Earth Angels. There is a test in the book to find out if you are an earth angel and what kind.We both did it. David's points came under "Incarnated Angels" and mine is- yes you guessed it "Wise One"!

We have grown and changed so much together within the short 4 years we have been together. The funny thing is we both don't remember how long we have been together unless we are asked, and we try to calculate. It feels like we were always together.

He changes me because of the way he is, and I constantly teach him. The other day, we just woke up, and I started telling him about something  I figured out during my sleep- I have been studying how to use the dream time lately.- And he said " I just opened my eyes, and the seminar started!" .. I am still laughing!

*Reiki Belly:  Your internal organs responding to the energy, you can hear this and sense it.

When You Are Called

I watched Caroline Myss' Mexico Hay House Mexican Cruise 2008 Keynote speech.
My WaterfallShe talked about how some people wish to be called upon so badly; but when they are, they don't respond or act on it.  
Two events happened right after that and I will tell you about one. 

I received a call from the company which I used to sometimes do telephonic interpretations for time to time. Two years ago, I had asked them to inactivate my account, never got a call since then. This phone call came in late afternoon and I was asked if I could go to a local hospital next morning to do an on-site interpretation for an ultrasound patient.  I remembered what Myss said and accepted without questioning.

That night, I asked for guidance so that I could be of service in whatever way I was supposed to help her. Next morning, I was there before them, and I let the receptionist know where I was. When she arrived, the receptionist told her that there was an interpreter waiting for her pointing at my direction. She turned to looked, saw me and seemed concerned. She said that she had always had the same interpreter for 3 years and wondered why her regular interpreter wasn't there that morning. " I understand that it must be comforting for you to have the same person who knows your history. I hope to be as helpful to you", I said. She smiled. While we waited, she started telling me about her story, and how her mother had the same problems at her age, and how lonely she felt ever since they moved to the US. I briefly explained to her how her beliefs and thoughts might be effecting her physical situation. The conversation went on until she was called in for the ultrasound.

When we were in the room, while she was getting the pelvic ultrasound I had a strong urge to get up and hold her hand. As soon as I did that, there was strong sensation in my body and tears rolled down my eyes. When I held her hand, she immediately thanked me. I held her hand about 5 minutes while the radiologist worked on her. Even though I had no intentions or attempted to use any type of energy healing other than sending her an inner smile; as soon as I held her hand, there was strong flow through me to her. It felt like we held a small hot pulsating ball in between our hands the whole time. She was lying there like a happy baby with smiles. I think this was the first time I felt I was openly used as a vehicle to serve without my conscious efforts to heal. I was very grateful for the opportunity!
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Relationship Guidance

David and Figen

David and Figen,
in the orange
healing room.

For about a year now, among other things, I have been working with couples as a Relationship Guide.
What is better than witnessing one person transform? Witnessing TWO PEOPLE doing that! I love the dynamics, the interaction and  the way each person's understanding of themselves through the other. It is fantastic work. The discovery of self is instantaneous when a partner is involved.  Interesting things surface.

David joins me in this work time to time. He is an amazing healer, with such startling insights. Our constant work with each other, our secret techniques, and the healing energy we have been creating between ourselves are integrated into the work.
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The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

A fantastic documentary movie called The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

I highly recommend seeing it.

"A thoroughly absorbing portrait of one man's discipline and commitment - and, yes, spiritual transformation. Quite simply, a beautiful film, in both form and content. You'll laugh. You'll cry. And your heart is guaranteed to soar."


Two of  Mark Bittner' wild parrots-

Here is some information about the movie from the makers.

"The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, an award-winning feature documentary about the remarkable relationship between a homeless street musician and a flock of wild parrots in San Francisco, is the fourth highest-grossing documentary about animals - after March of the Penguins, Winged Migration, and Grizzly Man. Distributed by Shadow Distribution, the film flew to over 500 theatrical venues across the country during 2005, and remains a DVD favorite for home viewing since its release by New Video in 2006.  

"It is that rare documentary that has romance, comedy, and a surprise ending that makes you feel as if you could fly out of the theatre," said Bruce Newman of the San Jose Mercury News. "
Inner Smile-2

        Refer to July newsletter for the free book on Inner Smile


Take a minute and do this exercise with me. Take a deep breath, and let it all go. Now imagine sending a Inner Smile to your belly. Feel the warmth of your smile filling up your abdomen. All the cells in that area suddenly become happy. They are all up on their feet and dancing now. Smile more to your belly. Are you getting a smile back? Continue smiling until you do. Great!

Now with all the smile in your belly, send an Inner smile to all the people; everyone in the world without excluding any single person. See what happens right after that!
Isn't that amazing?

Tell  me how you did: Email Figen

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          Scratch the darkened surface, you will find happiness underneath it!
          See you in September,
   Figen Genco

Figen Genco
Love The Way You Live