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"Personally I'm always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught."
~Winston Churchill

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  April  2009

My son just came back from Costa Rica! He went there to work at a sustainable community building project. "Fantastic place, amazing people and experiences" he describes.   I found out about the place only a week before he ended up going there.
I saw an ad about the property Finca Las Brisas in the local Creating Community magazine. There was a website address so I checked it out. After some emailing back and forth with a friend who is very interested in Costa Rica, we found out that the President Al Benner who is also one of the owners lived half an hour away from us. So we went to meet with Al and his wife Deena for dinner. Great people.
A week later my son was on the plane to meet up with Al who left for Costa Rica three days after we met to show the property to some prospective buyers.
David and I are looking into making a trip a trip to Costa Rica and explore the possibilities....
   How Do You Learn?
According to the survey by National Training Laboratories, in Bethel, Maine, below are the the percentages of how much of what we learn stays with us when when the learning comes through the specified methods.

Lecture 5%, Reading %10, Audio Visual 20%, Demonstration30%, Discus
sion Groups 50%, Practice by Doing 75%,Teaching Others 90%.
Her is how I learn the things that I want to remember and make a part of my life. When I learn from a book, CD or video, I stop when a method is described and I apply the method right away.
If it is possible, I go to the yard or to a park to practice there. Being in and with the nature opens me up. I absorb the vibrant energies from the sun and directly connect with the earth by stepping on the grass barefoot. Then I  get out of the mind and learning happens naturally.
When I practice new techniques, I heal and learn at the same time.
Then I start suggesting these new things to others, my family, friends and clients. The new information becomes a part of me very fast then.
When you try things on yourself first for a while, it is easier to understand how it might feel, what questions might arise, what variations might be needed, and what results to expect. Then when you show others you know most of the answers.

   My New Storefront
I have made some changes on my website. One of them is that now you can directly download the FREE ManualMy newsletter subscription is optional. And you can peek into my e-books before deciding to buy them by clicking on the titles. I also made my first book-written in 2002- "Organized for Life" available in the e-book format.
I love this new set-up. I also switched from constantcontact to icontact . While making all the changes, I spent a lot of time trying to figure things out so I got to learn new things!
One of my dear clients who was with me a long time told me about Lulu-where my storefront is now- when it first came out.
Speaking of that client who loves pugs and who lost one that was dear to her last year, I would like to acknowledge her and express my gratitude to her and all my clients with whom I grew with and from whom I learned a lot.
And I am also grateful to my wonderful webmaster, owner of Weblink Studio for her constant support. She is the one who designed my website which gets a lot of compliments. She also offers hosting and design services for newsletters.


Last week on a beautiful afternoon,  I went for a bike ride.  For some reason the name "Ashana" kept coming to my mind. I saw "Ashanna"-double n-in an magazine article earlier that day but the name in my mind had one n . Some time later it transformed into "Ashanda." I returned home and David came  from work. I told him that I thought I had a new name. He asked what it was. When I told him, it came out as "Ashananda".     

I was very surprised because that was different than what I heard in my mind before. I told him about the other variations of  the name. I had never heard this word before. We both thought what came out of my mind when I first  said it out loud to someone was what it was meant to be. That night he addressed me with Ashananda  a few times and it came out naturally.
(My son has been talking about changing his name for a while, that's why the subject wasn't so unfamiliar.) 
Next day I searched on the Internet and found out that in Sanskrit Asha meant "Hope or Light of Hope" and in Arabic and African Aisha means "Life or Lively" and  Ananda meant "Bliss".
Elizabeth, one of the Yoga teachers at the studio said that was one of the ways some people are given their names. My guides must have been trying to get me understand that day how to say the name! Elizabeth asked if I would use it. I said I already started.
(During my research, I also found a webpage about Pandit Paramahamsa Sri Swami Ashananda Ji, the head of Trans-Himalayas Order.)
                                   Ashananda In Sanskrit 
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                                                   Om Shanti!

                   Figen Genco (Ashananda)
Figen Genco
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