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Your Genes do NOT Have to Affect Your LIFE
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Oprah and Echart Tolle"When we walk to the edge of all the light we have and take the step into the darkness of the unknown, we must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for us to stand on or we will be taught to fly."--
Patrick Overton

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April 2008
Dear Reader,
Oprah and Echart Tolle
My son is turning 22 on May 2nd. He has been my mentor in many aspects for the last three years as he was when he was in his early childhood years- 8-10. He is a delight to have around. I am so lucky to have him. Listen to your children; they are amazing!

For the last two weeks I have been having an incredible feast with Bruce Lipton's work! He has brought scientific explanations to many spiritual concepts I accepted but didn't understand before. Now things are more clear. I am empowered with the understanding and knowledge on how my body works, and how the "genes" are not in my way to change.  More about this topic follows below.

As always I am excited to share what I learned since I last talk to you! More and more ways to become aware, awake, and present...
Your Genes do NOT Have to Affect Your LIFE
Oprah and Echart Tolle 
 Bruce Lipton PhD, a cell biologist, made an amazing discovery 1985, and his work based on this discovery is made available to public finally in a book called the "Biology of Belief" in 2005. Those of you who know EFT and have the training DVD's will rememberGary Craig's talks about "limiting beliefs". With Bruce Lipton's work and amazingly simplified scientific explanations through simple examples, you now can understand how not your genes, but your cells' perception of your environment creates your reality. You learn about how your cell membrane works exactly like a computer chip, and how it is possible to re-write the software which has been recorded on our cells through the years.There are 50 trillion citizens in your body, who believe in everything they hear. What are you tellin them? What have they been learning all these years?

According to Lipton's research, the most important hard-wiring starts right before conception and continues during the pregnancy to the age 6. During this time, without parents' deliberate efforts, their beliefs are downloaded into the child's system through the parents' behavior patterns. These patterns are recorded in the non-emotional subconscious environment of the child creating behavior patterns of the child in the adulthood.  This hard-wired information can not be reversed with logical talking, will power or medication.

In his explanation on how cells function, we understand that a certain type of cell can be found in different organs to take part in a different functions. Let's say a cell named "x 45" does a function in your liver with a set of different cells, and another function in your heart with another set of cells. If the "x45" cells in your heart are not functioning well, it is possible to address just x45 cells in your heart through energetic healing and acupuncture, whereas a non- sophisticated chemical based drug goes after all the x45 cells in your body, causing problems in your liver and anywhere else this cell exists.

Before reading the book, you can start learning by watching Lipton's talks on youtube!
The Grand Mother Drum (International Peace Project)
Oprah and Echart TolleHow lucky I am that the White Eagle the keeper of the Grandmother Drum came to Newtown, PA- 10 minutes from where I live! I got the enjoy with many others to meditate with a 7 layered, 7 foot diameter drum inlayed with crystals representing Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. 

Each of the seven layers of wood of this seven foot in diameter drum represents the seven continents of Mother Earth.  During each layer, prayers and ceremonies were conducted for the people of each continent, continued for 13 months. It is hard to explain what happens during the mediations. So, I will just leave you with the pledge we made at the end of the 3 hours with the beats of the Grandmother Drum and White Eagle's guidance. ( Your town can invite her for meditations)

I pledge Mother Earth as
   my one country

I pledge Humanity as my one people

I pledge life as my religion

I pledge Love as my prayer

I pledge Peace and Freedom

As my birthright

And the brightest of all humanity

My heart beats one with

All my Relations.

See a video of the Grandmother Drum
A New Earth, Oprah & Eckhart
Oprah and Echart Tolle 
A New Earth

I am blown away yet by another book, A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. I have no idea how I ended up getting this book. I had never known about Tolle before. 

Recently I came across a handout that I was given at a shamanic workshop I attended two years ago. It was about the ego. I read all the descriptions about the ego, and I saw that the ones that applied to me were about all the behaviors I wanted to change in myself. I wondered how I could "get rid of my ego".

Then Eckhart Tolle's book, A New Earth, came into my life! It has answers to all my questions about the pain and suffering we all go through. It answers all my "Why's" about the ways I act, which I don't like, and the ways other people act that I can't grasp! I haven't finished reading the book yet, howvere I am  already seeing the fascinating results of how being aware of the ego based behaviours is chaning me and others.

And more came...I was telling a client about it and he told me that Oprah has started a 10-week webinar online with Echart Tolle on this book. They brodacast it online, and through Skype anyone can join in and ask a question. They have already done 7 chapters but they are available to watch. I watched the fisrt one and I can see how further it takes one when accompanied with the book.  There are also practical exercises can easliy apply and learn the ways to bring the teachings into your life. I am captivated and every grateful to Eckhart Tolle and Oprah!!!

Discussion on the Fisrt Chapter on Oprah
Upcoming  Local Retreat
Oprah and Echart Tolle

Figen and Sandy playing in Figen's Living room!

"A Journey To Your Soul"
with Figen and Sandy
Saturday, May 10th, 2008- 9.30am-3.30pm

It is a day of Yoga, Meditation, Healing, Lecture, Visualization and more. It will be geared towards addressing "anger and fears" . It is in the beautiful Tamanend Park Carriage House in Southampton, PA

(1255 Second Street Pike, Southampton, PA 1896
Yoga is going to be instructed by Sandy Erickson. Sandy is a Yoga instructor for more than 20years, and she designed the Yoga exercises for our retreat  to directly address to the parts of our bodies where we tend to store the "anger and fear" The goal is to loosen up the physical manifestations of these strong and harmful emotions in our bodies, and address them with meditation, visualization and other healing modalities that I use in my work. The lecture is to create an understanding and awareness of how and when these things happen; and equip you with the tools so that you can address them right away when these kind of situations occur in the future rather than storing them in your body.
Email me for registration instructions ($125) figen@lovethewayyoulive.com  wiith the subject line "for the Retreat"

Be Happy, Have Joy
Let Love Penetrate Through You!

See you next month,
Figen Genco

Figen Genco
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