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"You have not a blade of grass below that has not a sign Above, which strikes it and tells it, “grow”."
~Midrash Rabba
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Bring Peace Within and Around

May 2010

I went through what I perceived as a lot of pain during past three weeks. A series of events manifested in my reality which seemed "unfair" and "uncalled for". It was pretty intense as I played along. The events happened in a such an interesting way that a series of healing opportunities became available to me as a few deep seated limiting beliefs from my childhood surfaced. I had asked to complete my awakening and this healing needed to take place fast and furious for me to be able to receive that!
Even though it was very painful as I was experiencing it, I immediately came to realize that what seemed to be happening on the surface did not matter at all. What they revealed was incredible. My trainer Angel David couldn't have created such a complicated emotional disturbance by himself for me! That is why I needed those outside circumstances and people to enter in my life so that this healing could have taken place. It was a remarkable orchestration from the Creator. As usual I energetically send my genuine gratitude to all those involved... without knowing and understanding, what a team work they played!
                             Ready to fly now!           
Teachings  of the Month
Every interaction with human beings is an opportunity to grow. Look beyond what seems from outside. Listen to the underlying message. Go within and see who these people symbolically represent for you.
If you get caught up with the context on the surface, you will miss the chances for healing and spiritual advancement. 


I am currently practicing A Guide to The Hidden Wisdom of Kabbalah (free) by Micheal Laitman. There are other websites on the Internet where you can download this book for free. This book is NOT a religious book. It is a scientific method for those who would like to achieve spiritual awakening.

As this book explains, we have NO control over anything except for our environment. And I know that it is no coincidence for me having had set myself up to help people CHANGE their environments by clearing clutter, creating order and designing with Feng Shui, and blossoming into spiritual coaching.
Everything makes so much sense in my own life and life in general as this book reveals the TRUTH to me.
Schadenfreude is a German term which means feeling satisfaction and pleasure from other people's misfortune and misery. This condition is one of the very common malfunctions in human structure. It is easy to get attached to the drama. This is why it is highly marketable and exploited through the media with bad news and tabloids.
The satisfaction from other people's misfortune comes from people's dissatisfaction with their own lives and their desperate search for something to feel better about themselves and their lives.
We create our own reality not only in the personal level, but in a bigger scale as we feed our thoughts into the "Collective Consciousness".  Statistics show that after a plane crash news hit the front pages of a newspaper, many more crashes follow the next few weeks. This happens because of all the readers creating similar fear based thoughts as they read these articles and look at the pictures.
There are two ways you can help positively impact the Whole.
1. Stop reading, watching, listening to anything that has negativity, violence and low vibrations.
 2. If you do come across with events and news that trigger darkness in your psyche, stay aware and awake. Keep sending LOVE and LIGHT by replacing any weighty negative thoughts with lightness.
There is not much time left to bring in LIGHT. Please as you drive, do your daily chores, walk, exercise keep repeating "LOVE" in your mind and stay connected to your breath. This is an easy way to MEDITATE, stay PRESENTand raise the vibrations for all.

Yes, you CAN!
Figen Genco
Love the Way You Live