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Bring Peace Within and Around

June 2010


So many emotions to handle.

So little time to do anything else.

So much time spent

To look through, sort, analyze, categorize, organize

And store the emotions.

He said, she said, he did, they did, she didn’t do

They shouldn’t have, I wouldn’t have, if they didn’t do

I wouldn’t be feeling this way

Why don’t you let it all go?

Let’s de-clutter your emotional warehouse

Let’s not save anything

Let’s throw it all out

So that you can start from scratch

But, No, I can’t let go!

That is my life

All my life’s events, and people, and my memories

Memories that hurt you?

Make you sad,

Make you regret,

Make you upset?

Oh, I see, but there are good ones, too!

The memories that I cherish,

The highlights of my life

Ones that I remember with a smile

The ones that I can’t forget…

I have something to say

Listen carefully so that you can understand

The memories which are the happiest,

Are the ones that hold you hostage.

Those are the times that you long for

The moments that you want to re-create

The moment he looked into your eyes,

The moment you stood up there proudly

The moment, one day you saw what you saw,

And something moved inside of you.

Which created a sensation in your body,

That got attached to the memory of what you saw.

For the rest of your life

Your body longed for the same sensation

And mindlessly, you searched,

Hoping, wishing for the similar people

Similar situations

To create what once was magical.

In reality

That was a moment of your own creation

With your thoughts.

And nothing else.

So let it go

Let it all go

Let’s open room

Let’s make space

There are many more memories to create

If you want to

There are many more unlived moments

In your life

But if your space is full

And if you keep focusing on what once was

How can “what will be” come to you?

How can you see “what is”?

Look, your warehouse is changing already

Let’s pull back more curtains

And open the windows, too.

Let more sunshine in

Do not be afraid

Yes, there is dust on the old things you have kept for so many years

Yes, it is overwhelming to see all at once.

All that you thought was important

All that you were afraid to uncover and see.

Do not regret the time passed

It is not late,

It is never late to let go

And let the future come to you

For all the things you ever wanted to be

Get ready

Ready to release all what was

Ready to move forward

Ready to start FREE

Let’s turn the light to the dark corners

Nothing hides lurking in the dungeons of your mind anymore

Let’s clean and air out

Let’s play music and dance

Let’s sing songs and laugh hard

Let’s laugh hard until waterfalls of tears

Roll down your cheeks

And tears wash away all your fears

Then your heart becomes light

So light and so happy

You have just created a new sensation

See how easy that was

See how you can do it many more times

Your heart starts singing now

Sending messages to your mind

It is all good, it is all divine

After all

I think I will be fine

But my mind thinks this will pass

And I will be miserable again

It tells my heart to settle down

And don’t be so excited, and so happy

These are all illusions, life isn’t so easy

Which one do you want to listen to then?

Your mind knows a lot

But it wasn’t taught to sing

It has fears of the unknown

Because it knows so much

But it doesn’t know what it doesn’t know

It only knows what was taught, what was seen, what was lived

There is so much more that it yet hasn’t experienced.

If it refuses how can it ever learn?

Be patient with your mind

Be loving.

It took care of you so many years

It kept you away from trouble- it thinks!

It helped you survive in the world the way it is.

But there is more to learn and to live

It doesn’t know “love”

So, be gentle with it.

Have a talk with your mind

Tell it all the things you are grateful about that it did.

But also tell it that it is OK to get your heart’s opinion

It is OK to let you play.

You never know

Maybe one day

When you let it all go

And learn to let things be

You will be able to see what I see

Then come out and play

 Fly away with me!    
                                      Figen Genco, 2007

Would you like to?
Figen Genco
Love the Way You Live