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" The heart has eyes which the brain knows nothing of."
~Charles H. Perkhurstnk 
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January 2010

As usual, something amazing happened since I last talked to you. I will not get into the details of what happened as it is not necessary. What's relevant for this newsletter is what is learned from the experience. When I say amazing, it does not mean it was desirable at the time it was happening. It actually looked and felt pretty scary and upsetting as it was unfolding. Yet, because of all the things we have been learning and practicing, we stayed rather calm rather than acting hastily. I personally did very well compared to my old self. I used to get worried, anxious and angry quickly. I opened my heart and observed what was happening in a different state. It was also pretty interesting to watch myself watching. 
David and I acted with love and acceptance rather than fear and judgment. The results we personally got out of it could not have been gained in any other way in such a short time. It was a very intense experience for all. My son is the creator of it and I can not thank him enough for what he put us through!
Though living it was not easy, the gain is priceless! The experience became an unbelievably powerful healing opportunity. We all came out much stronger, more mature and loving. David cares more. My heart is more open. My son appreciates all the ways I am and the things I teach him. The awareness for all three of us and the gratitude for each other is deeper.
I love you son. I bow to you once more as my Healer! 
                    My son and his orbs this summer-
             I don't know how many more he has now!
Teachings  of the Month
Let whatever is happening right now in your life happen. Stop fighting with it. It is happening anyway regardless of you resisting to it or not. So let it be.
Pray with your heart. 
You will come out of it stronger. You will be free.
  On Site Classes and Workshops
If you are in the area, I am teaching the following classes at Bucks County Community College:
1.  9-month Spiritual Coaching Certification ( This class consists of 9 Modules that build on each other, and introduce a new topic each month. Topics include;
Inner Reflections and Intentions; Self-Mastery and Self- Care; Decluttering Physically,Mentally and Emotionally; Relationships; Using Your Intuition;Improving Listening Skills and Mastery As a Coach.
2.  Project Declutter ( a 6 week course- 2 Levels) Where to start, how not to get overwhelmed, using clutter as a healing tool... and much more...
3.  A New Earth ( a 7 week course based on the ideas introduced in the book and methods on how to apply them in daily lives.
Call or email the college for more info and to register.
Ongoing yoga and meditation classes in several studios in the area and my home. Email me for info.
What is Happening in Your Basement?
In Feng Shui, basements are related to the past. Unresolved emotions from the past events lurk in the boxes and on the shelves in the basements. Think of all the physical space you could have in there and all the space you could have in your heart if you let go of the past.
Go look at your basement. If you don't have a basement, maybe you have a storage room or an extra room that you use to store unused items. Check it out. See what state the room or the area is in. Is there room to breathe?
According to Feng Shui traditions, energy is meant to flow naturally in your environment. When it can flow easily and vibrantly, you too will flow naturally, easily and vibrantly.  Too much and too many of anything can prevent the flow of the energy. Eliminating those things which no longer reflect who you are creates more physical and energetic space for your life. Your own energy becomes lighter and clutterless.
Is there room for new things to come into your life? Is there space to be?
Seize the opportunity to understand what is going on inside of you. Go check your basement out. Pull things out, release and let go. Let the energy move around easily. Set yourself free.
From My Readers for My Readers:
Here is a New Year Intention I received from Gary:
" I "pay my life forward", living on Earth with quiet compassion, interacting with all whom I meet so that they experience safety, security, support and nurturing. "   
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May you have the inner calmness to really understand what you see!
Figen Genco
Love the Way You Live