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"Find the seed at the bottom of your heart and bring forth a flower."

-- Shigenori Kameoka
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Bring Peace Within and Around

April 2010

I have had a month of incredible experiences as usual, my friend. The more I stay connected to the Universal Life Force, the smoother my training on Earth has become!
As you might know from last month's newsletter, I had been presented an opportunity to utilize and implement my leadership and interactive skills. This had been an area that I always stayed away from as I equated the performance of a group I would lead with my functional capabilities rather than my leadership skills and wanted to avoid what I perceived as others' insufficient output reflecting as my abilities. (Ego-mind)
This time I full-heartedly rose to the occasion.By accepting the Director role at the Namaste Yoga Center, I finally step up to the plate to explore this field! Since then, I have gone through enlightening occurrences which previously I would label as unnecessary encounters with emotional beings. I now embrace them as opportunities for both healing and growth. I am extremely grateful!..... Stay open to what comes regardless of the emotions you go through, you will be glad that you did.....    

PS. I now also understand the three messages I received a month prior on unrelated subjects from the Universe through people, articles and coincidences. Watching " The Closer", reading the "Energy Leadership" and listening to "Non-Violent Communication" were all preparations for this role that I had no idea about then. THANK YOU!
Teachings  of the Month
There are no problems or difficulties, only opportunities.
You can’t become a good captain sailing only in calm waters.
Only experience matters. 
Discover Your True Path- Daily OM
205 people are currently taking Discover Your True Path   my new e-course through Daily Om, and the number is growing everyday.  I am excited about such a turn out in less than a month.
This course opens up many doors for you that you are not even yet AWARE that exist. 

HIGHLIGHTS of Discover Your True Path

  • Saying hello to your heart
  • Happiness is not what you think it is
  • What stops you from getting what you want
  • Learning the languages of your heart and your mind
  • Getting answers through self Clairvoyant Readings
  • Energetic and emotional healing
  • EFT tapping to remove emotional blockages
  • Feng Shui areas correlate to your heart’s desire and how to enhance them
  • Possesions that generate emotional clutter for your heart
  • Adjusting the energy flow and creating new energy patterns
  • Establishing ongoing interactions with your heart
  • How your heart touches others
  • Mastery of speaking through your heart to other hearts
  • Manifesting through shape shifting
  • Staying in the path of your heart
Longing for something more?  Discover Your True Path with me on an  8 week on-line course available on DailyOM
David's Poem

David, my beloved tough and trying trainer Angel husband emailed me a poem out of nowhere the other day. With his permission, I am sharing it with you exactly the way it came to me:

i know, i know. i'm a prince.
but, if i were a little frog
i would be sitting atop the   
cabinet in your office. 
i would be hidden amongst the green vine, head tilted
slightly to one side, toes grasping the wood edge,
peering down on you as you worked at your computer. 
i would see you diligently working. 
creating, designing, connecting yourself to the world,
changing the world by what you bring to it. 
drawn, i double leap. 
first to the plant below and then to your shoulder.
undaunted, i nestle within your hair very near your neck.
i have entered an enchanted world.
i am blessed to be part of your life.
to see how remarkable you are.

may my eyes be open at all times.
may a constant connection be between us.
you are truly special.
in awe and in change. david.
Upcoming Events
  • In Fall 2010, I will be presenting a Spiritual Coaching Level 1 Certificate course through Bucks County Community College. This is a Foundational course, and expands through 2 months, 5 weekends.Details to follow.  

  • The OPEN HOUSE for Namaste is on April 24th, with live music, food and a variety of FREE events all day.

Speeding and Spreading Consciousness and Prosperity for All,
Figen Genco
Love the Way You Live