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Learning and Teaching

Opening My Heart

"Student says " I am very discouraged. What should I do?"  Master says, "encourage others."

                Zen Proverb  

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Bring Peace Within and Around

October 2009

To A Special Person:
Sometimes you just wonder what all it is about
Why we do the things we do
Say the things we say
Go to the places we go
Live through what we experience
Why do we need to be "good"?
What is good anyway?
Who decided what is good and what is bad?
What considers to be right and what is wrong
Many times I observed wrongs turning to be right;
Just right actually, even perfect...
So what is it then?
Do we need to judge and condemn?
Analyze, criticize, and blame?
Every time a judgment passes through your mind
Recognize it.
Ask yourself, "Is this really about them?"
What is it in you that you fight against so hard?
What scares you?
What are you trying to hide?

Until there is nothing to hide
Until there is complete peace within
There will be judging others...
There will be criticizing.
Change the beliefs in the core of your fears
Soften your heart and let it go
Relax so that you can release and heal
Allow yourself to enjoy every moment
Because only then you will be at peace.
                                        (Figen Genco Oct 10, 2009)
Learning and Teaching
Here I go, becoming a beginner again on something new. I started teaching Yoga at two places last month. One is a gym and the other one is a Wellness Center. Very different environments; completely different students. 
I was wondering about my pattern of continuously going into new things in the recent years and keep creating new challenges for myself instead of practicing the same things for years like most people do.  I realized that every new thing I wanted to learn came from a strong desire to find a solution to address a challenge that I saw either in myself or my clients...which is basically the same. At some point it becomes crystal clear that the more you explore and understand yourself, the better you become at helping others. The wider and deeper you go, the healthier you get. When you are completely immersed in guiding others in healing themselves; one way or the other, you heal yourself during the process. If there is no change in you along the way, then you are not actually helping others transform but maybe creating brief periods of relief.
Don't be afraid to try new things. It doesn't take away the things you already know and do. Just because others know you for one thing that you do, it does not mean that you are only THAT. You could be anything you want.This I call true SHAPE SHIFTING!
Every new thing adds to you and helps you blossom more in everything else you do.

Opening My Heart
Getting ready to teach Yoga brought up a big fear in me. It was amazing how profound that was and how much it hurt. It lasted two weeks. The last evening and the following day were hell. I was completely vulnerable. My exposed vulnerability changed some things in David and I got to experience a part of him that I had not seen before. We grew together that day!

Embrace your challenges, there are so many possibilities in there for remarkable growth...

Fast EFT
Robert Smith is a fantastic man who came up with his version of EFT, which he calls Fast EFT.  I like his approach and the technique seems to be working. He has many videos on different issues- and I found one he did in
                        Istanbul, Turkey!
If you already know EFT, you will be able to understand and follow it very easily. If you don't know what EFT is, you can either:
Go to  Gary Craig's website and download the original free manual and read that first or
Open your mind and just follow Robert's instructions.

Living in the Past and the Future
Did you know that languages of some indigenous cultures do not have Past and Future tenses? You might wonder how they talk about those times then. They apparently didn't need to and they don't. It might not be very applicable for the times we live in; however it is a wonderful reminder of how we only have the moment we live in.
Let go of the guilt and regrets- release them. That was past, doesn't exist anymore. Unless you keep bringing it into the present, it can't and doesn't have to affect you now. Make a decision and let it go.
Let go of the anxiety and worries- set them free. Those come from the projected future events which might or might not happen. Worrying about them won't change anything. If you want to be prepared for the event, do so without worrying.


May you always remember that this moment is the only one that is real.
Figen Genco
Love the Way You Live