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"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed. "

~Carl Jung ~

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Bring Peace Within and Around
  February 2009
Happy Valentine's Day! I consider this about love in general. So; much love and happiness to you from me.

Here is a wonderful movie on love- sent to me by one of my subscribers. Shifted something in me.

Let it do its magic; just watch and be.


About Being a Good Conversationalist

When people tell me how much they have enjoyed my company, and what a good conversationalist I am, I know that:

1. I listened most of the time; and made them feel heard.
2. I made them laugh.
3. I helped them see something that wasn't visible to them before and this will assist them in becoming unstuck in making a decision or solving a problem.

People make their judgments about you from the way you make them feel. Many female clients who consulted with me to attract relationships define the men they are looking for as someone who makes them feel good about themselves- by the way,that is the first thing they need to change to attract any kind of relationship but that is a topic for another newsletter!

How do you make people feel?  Listen to what they say when you are leaving.
My Father's Certificate

One evening while we were cleaning up after dinner, my father commented on how meticulous David was, especially about cleaning the counter top. My mother was out with my sister, and my father was with us alone. David jokingly asked my father if he was interested in learning how to clean and polish like him.

While David was demonstrating for him, I went to my computer and quickly prepared a certificate. I was laughing so much while writing it up that it was worth every minute.


The certificate entitled him as:


and it was signed by



Then we did a small ceremony when David handed the certificate to my father and we applauded; my son Cagil, his friend Jim and I. Meanwhile I took several pictures. Whole thing took about 30 minutes, we were laughing and having fun the whole time, my father felt as proud as receiving a real certificate.

The moral of this story:
  • It is very easy to have fun without any harm to yourself or others- including any need for alcohol.
  • You can make someone happy and create a memory of accomplishment very easily. (The mind doesn't know real from unreal)
  • There are many ways to make someone feel loved and appreciated.


The law of attraction teaches to create the necessary mindset to attract what you wish for. You are advised to:
  1. Know what you want.
  2. Ask the universe for it.
  3. Feel and behave as if the object of your desire is on its way.
  4. Be open to receiving it.
Many people have been making vision boards as a tool for above steps, pasting pictures of all the things they would like to have and be. I realized making a certificate for yourself about something you would like to have or be, works similar to a vision board. It is fun and liberating.

So, stop now for a minute and think. What would you like to be?
Loving, compassionate, courageous, a fantastic speaker, an amazing salesperson...? Be creative, let your subcouncious do its magic... Make a certificate of completion, recognition, or  whatever you like. Spend time finding the wording that makes you smile, happy, excited... and make it fancy. Then place it in a space where you can see it!

Have fun while doing it, laughter creates the best manifestational energy! And sharing is another powerful strategy.

  If you would like to share what you did with me, email me.
                                    My Waterfall   

                                             Vibrate Love!

                   Figen Genco
Figen Genco
Love The Way You Live